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UPAN Meeting – April 2017

Taylorsville Library 4870 South 2700 West, Taylorsville, UT, United States

Many people have no idea what course to take after the verdict has been handed down and their loved one ends up in prison on an indeterminate sentence. Attorneys Lorenzo Miller and Patrick Shea will make up a panel of post-conviction attorneys to talk about issues related to appeals, board hearing preparation, what services an attorney can provide to help an inmate and family prepare for a hearing, etc. Please note that UPAN does not endorse specific attorneys or offer legal advice, but we feel it would be beneficial for advocates to hear from experts in their field on the matter. Questions will be submitted beforehand in writing in order to keep the forum orderly and on topic. Please let one of the UPAN staff know prior to the meeting if you would like our guests to address a certain topic. Free and open to the public.